Collection: Hoya

Hoya plants are a popular choice for indoor gardening due to their attractive foliage and easy care requirements. These succulent plants are native to tropical regions of Asia and Australia, and are known for their trailing vines and waxy leaves that can range in color from green to variegated shades of yellow, pink, and white.

One of the most appealing features of hoya plants is their ability to produce clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers that bloom in shades of white, pink, or yellow. These flowers are highly prized by gardeners and can add a beautiful touch to any indoor space.

Hoya plants are also relatively low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for busy individuals or those who are new to indoor gardening. They prefer bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil, and can be watered sparingly once a week or so. With proper care, hoya plants can thrive for many years and provide a beautiful addition to any home or office.